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Falling Up

February 26, 2007

I tripped on my shoelace
And I fell up-
Up to the roof tops,
Up over the town,
Up past the tree tops,
Up over the mountains,
Up where the colors
Blend into the sounds.
But it got me so dizzy
When I looked around,
I got sick to my stomach
And I threw down.

 – Shel Silverstein


About Meh!

February 21, 2007

Since I thought I should, you know, introduce myself here, I decided to write a blog. XD How conceited of me, typing a whole blog about myself! HOW DARE I! D:<

 Oh well. Onward with my introduction:

Why, hellu, there! I’m Elisa, aka Steamy Dumpling or Yuki! No, I’m not Japanese. I’m KOREAN. *does the fobby sign thing* ^^v I rock! Anyways, yeah.

I’m 16, turning 17 soon. >w< I can’t wait to be 17, and then 18, moving the heck out of this place! *triumph* When people talk to me, they don’t get bored…well, at least that’s what I’m hoping for anyways.  I love talking and typing, and people wonder if I’m on drugs, whenever I start babbling on about random stuff. I’M NOT ON DRUGS! D: Drugs are baaaaaad, especially if they’re illegal. >,< I just tend to get really hyper from time to time. But also, I tend to become really sad without a reason (or it’s just that a small thing triggers the sadness) or just plain furious with the world. I’m sure I’m not bi-polar, but I think I just have a good dealing of mood swings. Oh well.

I love music. No, I’m not planning on pursuing the subject for my future career. D: I wish I could, but I’m just not creative enough. Voice? I don’t know. You be the judge. But I love how there are so many varieties of music…I’m on a search for songs that talk about food these days. Don’t ask me why…okay, ask me why. *someone echoes: why?* Well, because I thought it would be funny. XDD My awesome boyfriend told me that he has some songs that talk about food.

AH! Speaking of my awesome boyfriend! YEAH! His name is Matthew, and I love him to death. 🙂 We’re planning on getting married when we grow up a bit more, and start a family of our own. >w<;; *spazzes* It’s not one of those failed high school loves…he told me that he loved me from the very day he met me (well, not entirely, but his feelings grew as time passed by, to the point where he could truly say he loves me). That was…what, almost 2 years ago? As cheesy as this is going to sound, I’m going to type this; he taught me what love really is. Before I met him, I’ve always thought I’d find love, a soul mate, if you will, in college/university, or when we reach the age of 20 or a bit more. But I met him, and I realized that love can happen at any age, only if you’re truly blessed (or lucky, whichever way you want to call it). Love is something that will last forever. If you say you love someone, yet you will never become one with that person, I’m sorry to say that that’s not love, but a crush or infatuation.

But enough with my rambling. I think that’s all I wanted to say. Oh, a quick profilic(?) thing:

Name: Elisa
Age: 16
Fav. Music: any, except country (I can tolerate, but not my fav.)
Fav. Movie: Schindler’s List
Fav. Food: EVERYTHING!!…except for that smelly Chinese fruit that I don’t remember, but it smells REALLY BAD…combination of onion and barf, I think?
Fav. Manga: XXXholic, Tsubasa, and X/1999
Fav. Drink: Honeydew Bobba Drink
Fav. Ice Cream: Cookies ‘n’ Dough
Fav. Cartoon: Fairly Oddparents
Fav. Subject: Psychology
Career(s) in Mind: Psychologist (working with children or criminals/criminology), or a Psychology teacher/Mangaist (two jobs at once! CHYEAH!)
Hates: obnoxious people, show-offs, wanna-bes, cat girls, fat people trying to cosplay, con-artists/coax-ers, users (people who use others), selfish people, backstabbers, fake people, rumor-spreaders, US History (it’s SO dull, the way my teacher teaches it).
Loves: Matthew, peanut butter, music, X/1999, CLAMP’s drawing style, iPod (I want one…), Psychology, food

 WOW! I TYPED A LOT! Okay, bye, people! I’ll upload some good music stuff up tomorrow or somethin’.